Using the Alarm Decoder integration through HA is a lot noisier than using the Alarm Decoder WebApp?


Got the AlarmDecoder pHAT device from NuTech and integrated it into my home. I was able to connect it with Home Assistant without a problem using the integration.

However, I did have one gripe which I was hoping someone could help me with. When I use the AlarmDecoder WebApp to arm my home system, I get one or two audible beeps through the speaker connected to the system and that’s it.

If I arm the system through Home Assistant, it beeps through the countdown to warn the system is going to arm then a bunch more time when it is actually is armed. I much prefer the way the WebApp does it. I’m not savvy enough with coding to know how to dig through the AlarmDecoder WebApp code to figure out how it triggers the alarm and try to change how the HomeAssistant integration arms the system.

Does anyone have any tips or did they also change it?

Thanks in advance!

I can comment that some alarm changes have taken 1 minute or more to register in HA but susequently might be sub second. I’m facing another issue that i lac visibility to the process to debug. if you find how ti view the AD log w/o that Keypad or ser2sock please share… Tx