Using VeSync smart plugs in an action

Hi all! I’m brand new to Home Assistant and trying to set up my first automation. I have a couple of VeSync smart plugs so I enabled VeSync integration, entered my VeSync account credentials, HA found my plugs, and I can turn them on and off in the Lovelace UI. Great! However, when I try to create an automation (e.g. turn on the fish tank light at 16:30), the plugs don’t show up in the list of devices for the action. In fact, I don’t see any “devices” for the VeSync integration, only “entities”. How can I reference an entity as the target of an action? Or am I thinking about this the wrong way? Thanks!

Answered my own question. Apparently, instead of referencing the device in the action, I need to call the switch.turn_on service with entity_id: switch.fish_tank_light as the service data. Not quite as intuitive as I expected, but OK. Maybe it’s because the plug/switch can only be controlled through the VeSync cloud service…?

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