Using Zigbee usb dongle and Xiaomi gateway with sensors


i have some xiaomi sensors and all the sensors connected to xiaomi gateway,
but during the night i turn off my Wifi at home and during this time the HA not updated (the gateway not connected).

1- can i use Zigbee usb dongle and Xiaomi gateway for the same sensors ?
2- Which Zigbee usb dongle you using?
3- Any wired Zigbee options ?


  1. You can use both in the same house, but not for the same sensors.
  2. I use the conbee with deconz, works perfect! Even beter when you also use zigbee bulbs (as routers)
  3. Wired? You mean non-battery ones? Like Hue light bulbs, innr lights and zigbee wall sockets.

Wired Zigbee (such Zigbee gateway with rj45 connector)

Well with the conbee, it’s just an usb device, you can plug it in to your HA server. So no network needed.

Yes i know, i trying to find device with RJ45 connector (most of the sensors not near to HA server).

Such as:


That’s why I use zigbee lights in my house. They function as routers so you can extend the range. But if that’s not a option deconz has also a zigbee hub with RJ connector. (it’s basicly a rasb pi with zigbee enabled)