/usr/lib/mariadb/plugin/caching_sha2_password.so cannot be found

Unfortuantely I have the same problem,
I’ve migrated HA to a dedicated machine where I’ve installed Home Assistant OS.
Now the Recorder failed to launch, as:

‘Error during connection setup: (MySQLdb.OperationalError) (1045, ‘Plugin caching_sha2_password could not be loaded: Error loading shared library /usr/lib/mariadb/plugin/caching_sha2_password.so: No such file or directory’) (Background on this error at: Error Messages — SQLAlchemy 1.4 Documentation) (retrying in 3 seconds)’

I have already set the

in mysql server, also changed the user that is used by HA for mysql login to use native password, but still this error is thrown.

Same here on 2022.7.5, rolled back to 2022.6 again.

Home Assistant team forgot to install the following package:

To manually install it:
apk add mariadb-connector-c

Thanks for the hint. I wasn’t sure that you can add packages with apk!

They finally added it to the latest base image, but I believe they need to release a new HA version to use it. So i am waiting until they fix the problem :slight_smile:

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Just upgraded to 2022.7.7 and having this issue. Thanks for the feedback. Glad it’s not just me.

+1 - I’m having the same issue, not sure when it started but currently on 2022.7.7

It is finally fixed in 2022.8

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I’m on 2022.8.7 and wasted hours before I found this topic. After
apk add mariadb-connector-c
I finally could connect the recorder to my mysql server on another machine.
I could connect from all my other machines with
mysql -u user -h database_server_ip -p
Only the home assistant OS and Core/docker setups failed