Utility helpers and Energy sersors

I have Efergy Power monitor systems in a few homes (sons, my living away home, daughters etc) and my ‘main’ home has Teslar and Enphase.

The main home was easy to sort out the Energy dashboard.

But for the homes with Efergy systems, I thought creating utility helpers using the CT transmitters (from Red, Blue, White Grid Phases and Solar production) would get presented as option sensors to select from in the energy Dashboard setup. But this does happen. The Helpers are collecting data, and I’ve left them for days to collect. And I can’t just ‘paste’ in the sensor ID name in the field either (ie sensor.main_power_all_phases or sensor.red_phase_power) this does not work.

what am I doing wrong here? As I can’t properly set up these homes to monitor electric energy consumption.


Some more searching and I’ve found the sensors (helpers in this case) need to be ‘device_class: energy’
But I’m not sure how I change this. As in the developer section, I can find the sensors, but can’t edit to add this ‘device_class: energy’ class type.

Does anyone know how I fix this?


OK, more searching and I’ve found the " Riemann sum integral" integration. I’ve added the 4 CT sensor transmitters for my ‘away’ home (working remote) and will see how this goes.
I see the 3 ‘phase’ sensors in energy dashboard, but as it still dark the solar sensor has not reports a value as yet …