Utility_meter for all utilities?

There is utility being the network that I would like to monitor.
I have UPNP device that has a number of sensors including in/out-going bytes/packets.
Therefore configured the following:

# Utility Meter , the modem is a Technicolor TC7210
    #name: incoming_bspeed
    source: sensor.technicolor_tc7210_b_received
    cycle: hourly
    #name: outgoing_bspeed
    source: sensor.technicolor_tc7210_b_sent
    cycle: hourly
    #name: incoming_pspeed
    source: sensor.technicolor_tc7210_packets_received
    cycle: hourly
    #name: outgoing_pspeed
    source: sensor.technicolor_tc7210_packets_sent
    cycle: hourly

Then added to customize.yaml

  state_class: measurement
  meter_period: hourly
  state_class: measurement
  meter_period: hourly
  state_class: measurement
  meter_period: hourly
  state_class: measurement
  meter_period: hourly

and added to a lovelace page the following entities card

type: entities
  - entity: sensor.ziggo_bin
  - entity: sensor.ziggo_bout
  - entity: sensor.ziggo_pin
  - entity: sensor.ziggo_pout
title: Ziggo network

and a statistics Graph card

type: statistics-graph
  - sensor.ziggo_bin
  - sensor.ziggo_bout
  - sensor.ziggo_pin
  - sensor.ziggo_pout
title: Ziggo Netwerk Line
chart_type: line
stat_types: []
days_to_show: 2

From the entities card I can see the newly created utilities sensors working, i.e. they are reset every hour. But the Graphics card simply does not work.

What am I missing?
Thanks Yann

you should be using sensor.technicolor_tc7210_b_received not the utility_meter ones. Set a device_class and state_class and then wait an hour and it should work.

sensor.technicolor_tc7210_packets_received has already state class total_increasing. The number of packets is always increasing (unless the modem is being reset) . I choose Unit Of Measurement is “packets” and because the customizer allows only these Device_Classes Sensor - Home Assistant and nothing like bits/bytes/packets and therefore I have choosen monetary .
AFAIK I must have an entity with state class measurement and that is what , if I understand correctly, the goal of the Utility Meter: .

But maybe I am wrong, Yann