Utility Meter - malformed bars

I’ve created two utility meters to show hourly conumption of gas and electricity.

Looking at the history graph I’m puzzled. Most hours have a single bar (which is what I’m expecting and hoping for). However, some hours have two values and result in a misshapen bar. This is shown in the picture.

What can I do to fix this and get one bar per hour?


The utility meter updates whenever the sensor you are feeding it updates. I’m guessing you are feeding it with a sensor that only updates once or twice an hour.

If you were feeding it with a sensor that updates every 60 seconds you would see that graph ramp up for an hour then reset. Ramp up for an hour then reset. The core history graph card is not a bar chart. It is a line chart.

For that you will need a third party card like Apexcharts that can group by hour and select the maximum value in that group to display.

Thanks @tom_l I think I understand. I’ve got the awesome apexcharts installed. I’ll see what I can do.