Vaillant and hy368 thermostat integration

Dear Community,

Unfortunately, I can’t find any ready-made integrations on the Forum. I have made the integration through the VR920 module and are the Vaillant components are accessible from HA. The only manipulator I have originally in the Vaillant installation is at the bottom and from there the temperature for two circuits (underfloor heating and radiators) is taken. I bought the Zigbee hy368 head / termostate and thus is also integrated with HA through the Zigbee2mqtt. Can you be so kind and share the automation that, regardless of the original setting of the radiator circuit, in the case of integration, will turn on the radiator circuit in the event that the temperature on the hy368 thermostat drops below the set value? I think about the best way to do it preferable with NodeRed, but I can’t think of anything :slight_smile: