Values of sensor visible in OZW.log, but not in the front end

As a new user of Home Assistant, I bought a mold detector (Popp, 701202). This sensor should give information about the humidity and temperature.

I could add the device as a z-wave node, but unfortunately, I do only see a binary sensor in the entity list but no humidity and temperature. In the OZW.log, however, I see that the device gives information on the humidity and temperature.

What do I do wrong and how can I add the information to the front end of home assistant?

I am really not an expert but you have not had a response yet. I suspect the binary node means “detected/not detected” which will be one available device and there may be more. - is this it? I’ve had a quick look in open-zwave and quite a few Popp devices are already supported but not yours 8( Z-Wave Product Id: 0x0154.0x0004.0x0014. 0x154 is the manufacturer - Popp, and 0x0004 is the product type and 0x0014 is the product id. There are several 0x0004 defined already so adding 0x0014 should not be too hard. See if you are feeling brave.

Have a look in HA - Developer Tools - States and see if there are any other devices related to yours. You may have several and you are only seeing the binary one on the front screen.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. I do not remember how I did exactly, but after another restart HA was suddenly fully recognizing the sensor. Maybe I will try to make it officially fully supported later. Not sure whether I will understand everything, but it might be nice to give it a try.