Variable length Timers

A variable length Timer that can be redefined during the automation run will make the automation slacker and easyer to program, because to control a device that needs multiple time lenghts use on a automation with diferent multiple timer helpers forces the user to complicate the code.

I’m not sure what you mean.

Although a default duration is set for a timer, you can specify any time you like when you start the timer with a service call.

I am also looking to do this. DO we have a solution yet.

Let me explain. I need a timer with a ‘variable length’ - aka a variable that is based on start and a stop time - of variable length.
For instance, I want to turn on a light and start the timer - then after a while, turn of the light and then
stop that timer and have the variable available to do an automation with. Depending on the length (value of the timer) - I need to do different actions.