Various parts not working

My home assistant install seems borked

Log of the few first minutes of startup here

Symptoms / observations:

  • Interface doesn’t load. Sometimes it’ll load eventually but then becomes unavailable after restarting. While available, I can click around view stuff
  • Many services take more than 10 seconds to set up according to the log, including basic ones like recorder
  • My grocy add on works, but the integration that shows the chores card doesn’t
  • OpenZwave is not functioning. zwave devices aren’t reachable. Related automations aren’t working
  • I have a garbage/recycling collection schedule via HACS. I can view the config but the entity is “unnamed” and the garbage card in the interface won’t load.
  • This first coincided with a blip in my internet service. my wife had just complained about not getting to a site, and I tried going to something that should have loaded (CNN or apple or some such major site) - admittedly this isn’t scientific but i noticed the timing and wondered if it was related.

Some things I recently tried to do before this started (I’ve attempted to undo some of them to simplify the environment):

  • Added ffmpeg entries to Get my wyze cam in
  • Attempted setup of Alexa skill (to expose HA entities to alexa). Got to the part where I test the lambda function (it worked) but the skill wouldn’t link in the Alexa app
  • Installed Bitwarden add-on

I removed some unused integrations and stuff that appeared in the Log to make less stuff appear there. I also tried removing the home assistant db (about 683MB), which seemed to work as the garbage card finally loaded but nothing else did and the garbage failed to load again. Putting it back had the same effect as does moving it again

core info:

arch: armv7

audio_input: None

audio_output: None

boot: true

image: homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant


last_version: 2021.3.2

machine: raspberrypi3

port: 8123

ssl: true

update_available: true

version: 2021.3.0

version_latest: 2021.3.2

wait_boot: 600

watchdog: true

{this started with the prior version to the one i’m on now)

supervisor info:

arch: armv7

channel: stable

debug: false

debug_block: false

diagnostics: false

healthy: true


logging: info

supported: true

timezone: America/New_York

update_available: false

version: 2021.03.4

version_latest: 2021.03.4

wait_boot: 5


name: Terminal & SSH

name: Duck DNS

name: File editor

name: Tautulli

name: Grocy

name: FTP

name: Samba share

name: Almond

name: Hey Ada!

name: FlexTV

name: Check Home Assistant configuration

name: WireGuard

name: Mosquitto broker

name: OpenZWave

name: Node-RED

name: Bitwarden RS

WireGuard is not in use, and some don’t load automatically, but that is an issue that’s been ongoing recently.

Any thoughts before i roll back?

Those log entries are nothing to be concerned about and have nothing to do with your issues.

Since there is so many things going on it would be best to reload your latest backup and go from there.

So, I tried that and after updating addons and core (old backup), i’m sorta back in the same boat, but now i see notice a bunch of SERVFAIL in my DNS logs (i didn’t look there before). stuff like this:

[INFO] - 47955 “PTR IN udp 44 false 512” SERVFAIL qr,aa,rd,ra 44 0.0026002s

There are similar lines that mention my duckdns domain. Not sure if that’s normal/

Looking around other topics, i’m kinda lost with regard to DNS but i saw this is my resolv.conf and am not sure if that’s right:

options ndots:0

Also my dns config is as follows:

~ $ ha dns info

  • dns://
    update_available: false
    version: 2021.01.0
    version_latest: 2021.01.0
    ~ $ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

Any other thoughts?

At what point in the updates did it fail?

I think that would be the key bit of info to see where the problem is.

Restore backup-> check logs -> update one add-on-> check logs-> etc until it fails.

As for the networking stuff I’m definitely not an expert there.

I basically updated all the addons and the cores last night, and was able to poke around for a while. This morning is when i noticed it was unresponsive again. Thanks for the help. i’ll try again.

Don’t mean to be debbie-downer here but I remember experiencing the same sort of things a while ago. It ended up being my boot microSD was intermittent failing.

Looks like it was grocy integration or something related. After leaving off the 2nd or 3rd time i restored, i saw someone had reported similar issues where they got those errors and the UI wouldn’t load. Thanks for the input :smiley: