Vera + Fibaro Dimmer. How to catch the 2nd button

I have a FGD-212 Fibaro dimmer where I today control a floor lamp with the 2nd button - all done within the Vera.

I’d like to catch when the 2nd button (Group ID 2 in Vera) is pressed. Do anyone have a suggestion on how to do this?

The purpose is to control a WiFi or a Zigbee device from the Fibaro button.

1st question: does vera see if the button is pressed?

I honestly don’t know. The config of the Fibaro Dimmer is done in the Vera interface (see image) where I associate the 2nd button/group with two other Z-wave devices.

This may only be me configuring the Fibaro device in the Vera interface and has nothing to do with the Vera.

I have seen people use scenes - but then I probably loose the possibility to use the button for dimmable device (351 is dimmable, and 383 is a switch - works perfect).


What are you trying to achieve? And what do you mean with “catch”?

If you press the E2 (virtual switch) of the dimmer Vera needs to see this press. Vera should have created a second switch and see the status of this in order to be able to use it further on in logics (in vera or HA). So 1st question is if you see the status of this 2nd button in vera. If not start there.
Associations bypass a controller in sending zwave commands directly to other zwave devices. However if configured correctly, also Vera may pick up these commands and thus see the status of your virtual switch on the dimmer (on or off).

If I remember correctly this 2nd input is called S2.

Just wanted to follow up where this ended. I have not yet been able to identify the event “pressing button 2” in my Vera. This also means that I cannot identify that event in Home Assistant.

I tried another way: The second button was directly associated with another lamp. I used that as a trigger to turn on a second lamp - but that was to slow and not workable.

I gave up on this and installed a (expensive) Fibaro power plug and made a direct association.

I’m in a similar boat, I have a Fibaro button (101) which have 5 key presses picked up perfectly in Vera, but I can’t see them in HA. I can create scenes in Vera and those are picked up in HA but don’t want to use Vera for anything other than a ZWAVE hub (which is brilliant at) … there has to be a way to pass those commands from Vera to HA

A bit late to your question, but,15855.msg200101.html#msg200101 has how to monitor the various button clicks on the Vera forum, without using extra plug-ins like PLEG. It’s hardly intuitive, but it is still possible.Nowadays, I just do it directly through Home Assistant…

  entity_id: zwave.ceiling_light
  scene_id: 24
event_type: zwave.scene_activated
platform: event

The various scene IDs change depending on the button, and how many presses et cetera,