Vera - how to delete devices?


I’ve added a Z-wave motion sensor to my Vera configuration. It required some additional setup which I did after I restarted hass.

Now HASS is seeing it as the wrong type of device. Is there a configuration file somewhere for vera? I’d like to just delete the incorrectly identified device and start back over from scratch for that device (only).


I had a revelation after posting the question. I added an ignore line, restarted hass, removed it and restarted hass. It re-added the device correctly. Still would like to know where that config file is though!

There is no “config”. The vera component does a scan of the devices in Vera and creates the virtual devices in HASS. When something changes it automatically changes it in HASS to reflect what is in Vera. The only configuration is the exclude that you found. Other than that you can change HASS properties of the device (Display Name) but that doesn’t change it at the device level.

I respectfully disagree - that doesn’t seem to be true. I changed a device in Vera and rebooted Vera and has multiple times and permutations. The changed device was not recognized as changed until I excluded and then un-excluded. It didn’t automatically pick up the changes though. I’m open to being wrong, but this is how it seems to behave.

Ok now I’m just confused…but it’s been one of those days.

In your original posting you added a sensor to vera. Then restarted hass so Hass was running and you made changes to the device in vera and then hass as showing wrong information? Did I miss something?

The wrong information is because the hass component didn’t know about the changes you made inside vera. The component would need a restart to see the changes or most likely a “new device” or possible device confusion as it would have the same reference ID in vera which is then presented to hass. The hass vera component scans the vera on startup. When you excluded and then re-included the sensor it got a new vera device ID. So it was a new device to HASS. Now if there’s device information stored somewhere it would be in the identity or customize files of HASS as there has to be a mapping of the vera reference ID to the Hass device. Off hand I don’t have access to a hass system to go and look.

I’m probably missing something obvious that you are asking.

I’m happy to reply in the hopes of satisfying our curiosities, but feel free to take off your thinking cap - my original problem is fixed.

Here’s what happened:

  1. Add device to Vera (Device #55)
  2. Restart HASS -> new vera device added to HASS as switch.playroom_motion_55
  3. Change some settings on Vera, namely device_type, device_file, category_num and subcategory_num.
  4. Save settings, restart Vera. Restart HASS.
  5. Still showing as switch.playroom_motion_55
  6. Add line exclude [55] to configuration. Restart HASS. Remove line. Restart HASS.
  7. Now the new name is binary_sensor.playroom_motion_55, and all is right in the world.

My problem is that I wish there was a way to skip step 6, via editing a file somewhere, which apparently doesn’t exist for editing (because you say so, and because I couldn’t find it), but I’m sure it exists, otherwise step 6 wouldn’t be step 6.

If there’s a reference it may be in the customize file. I’m glad you’re issue is fixed.

I just realized something that I had forgotten. I’ll bet if you look at the vera interface there’s a switch for the motion sensor. Vera has the “armed” concept to arm a sensor for alerting. When HASS pulls the devices from Vera it grabs all of them. You should have had one binary and one switch in the developer tools listing. From the HASS Web UI it will show the sensor at the top of the screen and the switch will show up in switches.

I just verified in my own install and I also looked through the component source and through the pyvera source (which I have used in other projects) and NO it does not save state to any file it’s all in memory and polling until you “customize” a device in HASS then HASS will write an entry into the customize.yml file.

Thanks, but that was not the case. From the vera screen there was the named sensor and then one named something like _Motion_Sensor which was it’s sibling (or child, I guess). Either way I was searching using developer tools dev-state page, and it only originally added the switch, not the binary sensor. Well, actually let me make it more confusing. It originally added switch.playroom_motion_55 and binary_sensor._Motion_Sensor_56 but the 56 actually does nothing… it’s the 55 that actually shows movement and changes things.

Sounds like I’m wrong about something, but I have no idea why. I’m okay being wrong, because everything is working (til I have to add the next one… and then I’m going to make sure to make my changes on the Vera side before adding it to HASS). I’ve added 4 sensors and I always forget how to do it the right way, so next time I’ll have a how-to :wink:

Hmm… what sensor? Make model? This actually is familar as I have 2 x Vera Plus units and sometimes with some devices the inclusion on the vera side doesn’t go quite right.

Did you end up having to exclude (un-pair) and re-add the sensor in Vera?

I’m curious about this simply for the sake of curiosity as towards if it’s a Vera or HASS issue or if I need to delve deeper into the pyvera module. I use a fork of that module in another project and just wondering if there’s something in there I need to look for.

Oh and to me this isn’t about being right or wrong as I’m usually wrong unless I’m being paid then I can be right :slight_smile:

It’s a GE (Jasco) Portable Smart Motion Sensor and I got a bunch of settings info from the vera forum.

There was no need to exclude and repair the sensor, I just had to make the changes to tell vera what kind of device it is, because it didn’t recognize it apparently. When I’ve done that in the past, it’s worked better if I do that change before adding to HASS. (For whatever reason!)

They are nice sensors, but hard to get vera to recognize them. :frowning:

And i just foudn a way to hide the unnecessary child sensor

I’ve seen those sensors but I’ve not tried them. This is off topic but I’m always looking for good motion sensors. How fast are they to respond to motion and how quickly do they reset?

Back on topic: :slight_smile:
I’ve had similar “issues” with multi-sensors which is why I asked where they didn’t pair/recognize due to security issues. Well glad you got it worked out.

Very quick - within a second. I usually walk into the room and flick my hand like I’m turning on a switch and then the light is on by the time I get to the top of the “flick”. (That’s Sensor —zwave–> Vera --ethernet–> HASS --ethernet–> Vera --zwave–> light switch!)

Really makes a good case to move all my Zwave off the Vera, eh? :slight_smile:

Interesting. I’ll have to get one to test. I’ve tested a bunch of z-wave motion sensors and I’ve found some that are good but what I’ve found and I think it’s more the nature of the protocol differences is that Zigbee motion sensors are much faster than z-wave. I’m doing some more testing, but I’m contemplating migrating my motion sensors and maybe other sensors to Zigbee.