Vera triggering its own automations even with Homeassistant turned off (!)

So I have multiple Z-wave motion detectors and switches which go thru homeassistant via Vera. I had guests sleeping in the basement, so I turned off the basement automations from hass. I was surprised to see that they were still triggering. I completely turned off hass, and they still triggered.
I went to the vera control panel, and verified there are no scenes present. Basement Motion is not used as trigger and performs no action in scenes

I can’t figure out why it is triggering these “automations”, when I have no such automations present. Anyone know?

(I’m thinking about ditching the vera for a z-wave usb stick. Thoughts on that?)

Through what means do Home Assistant and Vera communicate?

  • MQTT
  • Other

I don’t understand your question.

No worries. I assume you are using the Vera integration to connect Home Assistant to Vera.