Verisure - Missing some of the devices


I’m new to Home Assistant but has a working setup based on the VMware image for Home Assistant OS. So far I’ve added my car (WeConnect) and my IKEA Trådfri setup but has a problem with Verisure.

I’ve installed the Verisure integration, setup an Verisure account without MFA following the instructions and it seems to work - but I miss some of my devices. I can control the alarm (turn on/off etc) and I see all four shock sensors (as HA calls the magnetic switches on doors/windows). I also see four out of a total of sex smoke detectors and the siren. Besides two of the smoke detectors I also miss two cameras and a water detector.

So, I see 10 devices (1 vbox, 1 siren, four shock sensors, four smoke alarms) but miss 5 devices (2 smoke detectors, two cameras, one water detector). Anyone got a clue what’s wrong?

Kind regards
Rikard Elofsson