Version 2021.10.x and Tuya Support

After Upgrading to HA 2021.10.3 knowing the Tuya support has change I duscovered that logging in with Tuya normal account is not enought anymore. I have to create a extra (cloud based) user account with Tuya IoT. So for now I restore the backup because I think this is a big disadvantage. The Tuya app on my Android only requires userid-password and I do not want to add an extra account yust for HA Tuya intergration as it now workes perfect with the old integration.

What is the advantage of the new Tuya integration ?

I’m not 100% sure but for now there are no advantages.
The point is that the old integration does not work on 2021.10 anymore so if you choose to upgrade, and want to use your tuya devices, you are obliged to use the new integration.
You could stay on 2021.09 but for how long…

There are quite a lot of discussions here about this v2 integration.

Thank you for your response. For now, I will stay on version 2021.9 as everything is working perfect (except for my Blaupunt XBOOST vacuum cleaner).