Vertical Slider Request

Hey all
I’m looking for a vertical Slider, I’ve seen maybe one card that has it but I want it to look the same way the stock horizontal sliders look in lovelace.
I’ve used card-mod to rotate a slider but the numbers and the finger gesture are still as if it is horizontal.

Anyone have anything that could help me out?


Searching for the same. Imagine a wallboard showing multiple Dashboards you can change by horizontal swipe (HACS -> Lovelace Swipe Navigation): having horizontal sliders then would set the value and the same time swipe to the next dashboard, it even happens sometimes already with the default circle one when changing in the upper circle area… therefor a vertical slider card having all entities in a row (e.g. blinds, climates, dimmers) next to each other would be best. I found some threads about solutions about such but all of them were some kind of over-engineered (colors and themes and so on) - but I am very happy with the default look and feel of the Lovelace ui and would be happy to just have the same sliders which are there horizontally simply also vertically. A simple card aligning multiple sliders vertically next to each other and the entity name (if to show at all) below each instead of left to it would be fairly enough for me, would make me happy already.

Best regards, Jo

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