Very confusing installation, did not find any devices inside the web interface

Hello, this is a very confusing program. I run Proxmox and had no problems installing it into a Debian container and then accessing it via the web interface.

It then pops up a screen that says it already detected devices on my network! Great! So I click OK or whatever button it showed, the box disappeared with zero output or explaination, and plopped me at a basic dashboard with my username and the weather

A quick browse around shows a bunch of incredibly confusing menus, and no auto detection of anything

What is going on here? Installation instructions need a ton of refinement, and why isn’t there a wizard?

I thought the whole point of this thing is to automatically tell me which devices on my network it has integration with, not for me to scrounge my house trying to add things 1 at a time or investigate if they’re compatible. Bizarre.

Have you read the instructions?