Very Odd Glitch with HassOS, Nabu Casa, and MQTT

Hi everyone!

This all started after i updated from 0.94 to 0.95.4, my HA will not connect via Nabu Casa. It says its connected, but I cannot access it because Home assistant itself (either locally or the remote UI) drops completely and I’m not able to even push more than 2 buttons before Home Assistant stalls and freezes. I’m on a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

My thought might be that MQTT (since its constantly reconnecting and disconnecting devices for no reason) might be taking up all available memory, or the database on the MQTT server is full, I’m not sure where to start.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

So are you able to ssh in and look at the logs?

Not necessarily. It cuts out randomly so I’m trying to get the logs now

Are you connected via wifi or wired?