Very specific questions about system-connections file


I’m stuck at the install phase, I’ve tried to eliminate all potential issues I could think of but nothing works.

I got some questions:

  • is there a specific requirement about the format used by the USB key, can I simply format it as FAT, or should I go with FAT 32?
  • is there a a specific requirement for the password used as PSK value in the config file? Meaning, is it ok to use 22 character long password containing ambiguous characters or should I stick with 8 character long and only letter?
  • could you confirm I don’t need to put any brackets or other characters with values of variables psk and ssid?
    *is it possible to use WPA2 for the key-mgmt value?
    *is there a specific text encoding format to use for the system-connections file?


I wish I could give you more specifics about how I fixed my issue, but I’ve been through the entire process and now it works, my only guess is I wasn’t using uppercase on all names to be used on the USB key.