Vibration (Aqara/Xiaomi or others) sensor sensitive enough to detect mail in mailbox?

Hi, I’d like to get a notification when the mailman puts mail in our mailbox (I know, 1st world problem :slight_smile: ). Due to the design of our mailbox (see below), a magnetic window/door sensor is not ideal. So I was thinking about using a vibration sensor at the bottom of the mailbox. Would the Aqara/Xiaomi sensor be sensitive enough? Most Youtube videos show the sensor being triggered by drops, heavy motion etc. Obviously the vibrations coming from the mail would be much less impactful. Or are there any other good vibration sensors I can consider?



I don’t see where the mail actually goes in that mailbox, so I’ll just ask, can you use a distance sensor? E.g. something is passed in front of the sensor triggers it.

Mail goes into the top (it’s a lid you can open) and falls/slides to the bottom.

Ive used these distance sensors to detected when something is put through my mail slot,

Mines a home made job (an ESP8266) though so I’m not sure what you want to use it with.

Alternatively you could use a tilt sensor when the lid is lifted.

Yes, I use the same setup and have almost the same letterbox!

It is sensitive enough because the lid fals down, so no problem there.
But: The mailbox is from metal so if you put the sensor on the bottom, or on the bottom of the lid, it might not have enought signal strenght though the metal housing.

I taped it on the back outside of the letterbox. And (search the forum) set the sensitivity very low, on the lowest setting it detected trucks passing by.

Very happy with the solution though, only if I could figure out a way not to alert me when I open the box myself… :wink:

I have a motion sensor from IKEA and it works perfectly.