[Video Disk Recorder] Add integration for Video Disk Recorder (VDR)


Many people I know run as TV receiver (sat, cable, tvbt) a VDR based linux system. I was quite surprised that still there seems to be no HA integration for it - or maybe I am missing something?

VDR is basically a project to implement an own, purlely open-source, TV receiver plattform.
Original Project: VDR - The Video Disk Recorder: Download
Other GIT: GitHub - vdr-projects/vdr: Mirror of the official VDR GIT repository.

Basical functionality of such an integration is similar to a media-player or TV, meaning power on/off, volume up/down and channel selection. As additional sensors probably the currently selected channel. Possiblilties are endless.

There was already this HA related info in another forum, where also VDR shall be controlled using a script and raw command: MLD Forum - svdrpsend für homeassistant

On a bright note, in most cases VDR has the “vdradmin.pl” script installed and hence you could do something like:

  reelbox_power_button: 'curl "http://user:[email protected]/vdradmin.pl?aktion=rc_hitk&key=power"'

Works nicely. The commands for switching channels and the like are also available.