Video Doorbell TMEZON


Can you please explain a bit more about how you got this to work? I see the same URLs when I’ve tried to reverse engineer mine but can’t get it working. Using the ucarehome app my door unlock normally requires a passcode, I have tried with this in the URL but still not working.

Do you do a POST or a GET request and do you include an authentication header or bearer token in your URL request?


Hi ,

It’s a POST and the user and password are on the query string, not on the auth header .

The open door URL don’t need auth !!! Scary …

Did you see the bell ring trigger on the app to the uCareHome cloud ? I want this command to try use HA but didn’t had time to look for it . My idea is to “hack” the DNS and receive the trigger on a local web server and send it to HA . Idk the host and url and auth mechanism yet .

Thanks, I’ll have another go with the door unlock. Do you have to activate the stream first with this command http ://IP/cgi-bin/hi3510/doorConnect.cgi?&-door=0 or should it just work?

Nope, I haven’t seen the bell ring trigger. I looked at this last year but now have a bit more time and so am keen to try and get this working again. I have a spare raspberry pi so if not I thought I could install android on it and have it send an MQTT command when the notification pops up.

Yes , you need to activate it every 10 min approx … a wget on cron do the job … the lcd screen stays on during this … it’s like the activate function using the app .
I use the stream on zoneminder but only when it’s on … motion recording . During the off time the stream stays on but always black .

Nice . If you can get some info about the trigger please show it . Thanks

Hello, I’m new to the community and I also have this doorbell from tmezon V103W, I wish to control it without ucarehome app… trying with postman but can’t do anything, someone can help me?

I have a diferent version, stream not work, port rtsp 554 is closed when I exec nmap 192.168.1.x only port 80 and 7778 is open. I had a previous version with port 554 open.

I try stream in rtsp://{{IP}}:80/livestream/11?action=play&media=video_audio_data but I couldn’t get it work.

Im trying create motion sensor in HA throw email alert but today not work:

Other tip, you can explore sd card in url with your user and password:

http://user:[email protected]/sd/

I hope I have been helpful

If someone gets stream in port 80, please post it how to