Video doorbell without cloud?


What’s your beef with mqtt? (Just curious).


Not against MQTT itself, but I’d like to limit the gateways and middleware.

And, with my configuration, adding USB keys or devices (bluetooth for instance) is complicated. HA runs on a virtual machine, amongst other on a large ESXi server. Adding USB devices might get unstable (problems after reboot).

I managed to have mostly direct-WiFi devices : broadlink SC1/MP1, WiFi thermostat…
I couldn’t avoid a gateway for door sensors, but the Xiaomi is integrated well.

So I’d like to have WiFi direct.


Any luck to integrate this to HA?


No I never figured it out :0(


I did get it going.
I hacked the ‘ding dong’ and put a ASP in it. I detect when the LED lights (when someone rings doorbell) and then send a MQTT to HA.

If anyone is interested ill put on github


Yes please, and instructions with pretty pics and/or videos.


An example would be awesome @DotNetDann!


OK I have put up the project.

Hope it helps


So these chinese doorbells don’t send their image out to the cloud?


Which one in particular?


Dunno, which one would be best? :slight_smile:


I found this yesterday which say it allows RTSP (in the Q&A at the bottom) so that could be used to get the video into HA. You could always block the device from sending anything out of your network. It’s not a doorbell but could be used as the video side of things and then use another device for the button. It has 2-way audio but I’m not sure how best to integrate that into HA yet. I don’t think HA has that ability for now.



I’m using this one . It is using onvif standard so you can connect to the camera using HA without a problem. You can buy it also on amazon . The set also includes a chime that uses the RF 433 standard. When some press the button of video doorbell it sends a code via RF 433, you can use sonoff RF bridge ( ) to grab that code and use it as a trigger in HA (for example to use it for taking a snapshot from camera and sending as a notification to your smartphone using for example “Telegram” app )


My setup. Xiaomi cam with custom firmware and a xiaomi zigbee push button. The cam is 24/7 recording on my home server. When the push button is pushed a couple of esp8266 with piezo buzzers beep. A snapshot of the image is then send to telegram.

It has cost me about 20 euros. The cam is powered trough a small usb cable.


I’m still yet to see a setup that brings 2-way audio into HA… As far as I know this isn’t yet possible, not even 1-way audio from the camera, but from what I’ve read on the Zoneminder forum they are hoping to have audio in the next release. I wonder if we can get that audio into HA once it happens?


Batteries or need wire? That’s the feature I like from ring. The battery lasts months and I don’t have a good way to get power to the door.


This looks like a really good, connectable model. How’s the app?

And I’m guessing it “phones home” to some server somewhere in China, right?


The app is not so good. It is called iCam and you can read few reviews here . Connection between the app and the doorbell is stable when both app and the doorbell are in the same Wi-Fi network. When I’m using the app via LTE then I have a problems with connection timeouts and when I finally connect the connection is not stable. I assume that some Chinese server is used to maintain the connection when I’m outside my Wi-Fi network and that is why I have those problems with connection quality.


That’s a pity. And the image quality using ONVIF?

I am mostly interested in taking a snapshot from HA, although some sort of live preview would also be good.

I wonder if for example this one that uses Tuya would be compatible with the Tuya component in Home Assistant? Although I believe the component do not support cameras.


The image quality is very good (I’m using motioneye to connect to doorbell and HA is connected to motioneye)
Night vision is also working correctly.