Video doorbell without cloud?

When I envisage those clips of awful people at walmart, I can’t help but shudder at the thought of their forums/reviews.

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You got your wires crossed. The 6003 is 16-24V AC, the 6403 is 12V DC
Just took reception of the DS-KB6403-WIP last week. apart from the android app that’s not the most stable, it works rather well.
RTSP stream is stable (once upgraded to the latest firmware)
Motion detection via the HA hikvision binary sensor doesn’t work so I’m using motion for motion detection via MQTT
Also note there is no way to catch the button press event unless you try and use tasker on an android phone

There is a new version of the Hikvision (laview, rca, nelly, etc) doorbell cam that is 3mp, and offers the same functionality and has the same “issues”. I really like it much more than the prior model, which I also had. It streams fine, has RSTP, OVNIF, and a PIR motion sensor. The motion sensor does not report with the hikvision component (just like the previous model). As mentioned by others, you can use tasker to capture events.

The doorbell runs about $130 USD, but was down under $100 for one of the brands during black friday.

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How can this be done?

I just use a ESP 32 inside the home and have these iTag devices outside the home. Due to BLE, it runs for months . For Camera and motion sensor, use a old action camera installed on the top of the door. It does require 5V supply.

Both ESP32 and Camera are integrated to Home Assistant via ESPHome and Motioneye respectively

You’re right, i had mixed them up. I just edited my original post to prevent confusion.

I was not aware the button press was undetectable. That is disappointing as ONVIF profile C has provisions for those sorts of input conditions. Have you tried accessing the doorbell using ONVIF device manager to see what it can detect? If the button is readable on there then there will be an easy path to integrate it into HA.

If I can get timely and accurate motion events to HA then I may be able to live without the button input.

I don’t believe the doorbell is ONVIF compatible. It’s certainly not listed on Hikvision’s website specs:

It’s still available at $89, a 47% discount off the normal price. Get 'em while they’re still available!

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Great deal. I really like this doorbell quite a bit. The 180 degree FOV allows you to see the ground right in front of the doorbell. Only thing that I miss is that the motion senor alerts do not work in HA at the moment. Something about the doorbells not being fully compliant with the hikivision api

The video quality of the 3MP sensor is really, really good. :slight_smile: The PIR is a bit too sensitive, having to be dialed back to minimum range with the EZViz app. I tried using the Hikvision integration over a year ago with their ‘cube’ cameras. It worked well, but needed to be restarted every few days to remain active. :frowning: Without a restart, it would hang up and stop working.

Oh, if you want ONVIF capability, grab the LaView firmware link from the IPCamTalk website thread for this camera. It provides ONVIF. :slight_smile:

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The Hikvision has a few flaws: it will only work with the Hikvision App and there is no way to integrate it easily into the home automization. Yes, you can intercept the rtsp-stream but you will not have two-way audio which makes it a simple camera with a call-button.
The other known minor flaw of the Hikvision is that the infrared leds cause blemishes in the video stream at night and kind of renders it unusable.
A Pi-zero-cam solution is cheaper, has more capabilities and again: two way audio will be complicated and it has to be integrated in some aesthetically pleasing housing which is not everybody´s cup of tea. Someone mentioned a Pi-zero with MotionEyeOS would be good but be aware that MEye does not and will not support two-way audio.

From all the solutions presented, mine would be taking a RaspberryPi 4, adding a logitech 920 HD-cam and an external ring-button. Add a bluetooth speaker and connect a microphone. Run WebRTC for the images and two-way audio. For right now, this is the only way to get a video stream, call-button and two-way audio integrated into any home automization user interface without any need to use the manufacturer´s app or their cloud.

Another neat way is using an old Android-phone, use a Kiosk-software to display an html-page with a ring-button and IP-webcam software for the video calls. Again, the inconvenience might be that not everybody is capable to design an enclosure to make it a neat solution someone wants to have at the door.

There is also the SIP option. SIP Doorbell, android tablet and HA integration

The only way I see this currently work outside the DIY spectrum is through SIP. I’ve struggled with the same problems for a while since I have an axis door station a8004-ve. Together with RasPBX, a SIP client on the phone ( GS Wave / Acrobits ) and Doordroid as an WebRTC client into HA it sort of works. Incoming and outgoing calls are registered everywhere even with remote push. However still have some issues with the 2 way audio, depending on who’s calling it works or not. If the doorstation calls I get no audio on the WebRTC client, the other way around I do get 2 way communication ( video is nicely being sent everywhere ). I know this is due to NAT / SSL restrictions etc so it’s definitely possible but not for the faint of heart … :sweat_smile:

Easiest and probably cheapest is to go with a solution around HA … like the Hikvision with a separate indoor station and an app.

I’ve since discovered the DB1 doorbell DOES provide motion events, using ONVIF message events. Blue Iris can subscribe to these and trigger video recording from them.

Do you (or anyone else) know if you can subscribe to these motion events with any of the HA integragtions other than blue iris. While It seems like BI is a great tool, It more than I need, but I would love to be able to do some automations based on the motion event.

I use a combination of motion and tensorflow to detect when a person is in front of the camera

we could make a nice video doorbell with a raspberry pi, a night view camera and a button but the only problem is the case.
There is no watarproof case for the raspberry which looks moderately good and have some holes for the camera, IR leds and a button.

You could design one and get it 3D printed online if you don’t have a 3D printer. If it was me I would install them onto a piece of stainless steel plate and recess the lot into the wall such that it’s just a nice flat piece of stainless sitting there with a few holes. The camera lens could be sealed against the inside of the plate, you would need to have holes for sound to go through for mic and speaker if you are going to include audio… problem still exists that HA doesn’t really deal with audio in this way to the GUI.

the steel plate is a great idea, maybe the button could be capacitive behind the transparent glass
the components could be fixed on the plate and slide from the base of the box upwards to make it more weatherproof
in the next weeks i will try to make the drawings

What about the button press, have you worked around that? Also if you don’t mind me asking, which firmware version are you using?