Viessmann Component

At least there is nothing new mentioned in their changelog:

March 2020: 1450 calls for a time window of 24 hours

But there is much more activity in March:

My activity report doesn’t show a huge increase.
I used 31551 API calls last month and I’m at 8024 this months (after 7 days).

Also 31551 API calls are fine.Last month 40.000 API calls would have been possible with the fixed 60 second interval.

I cannot seem to find any reason why the integration would suddenly exceed the API limits.

My activity report shows similar values.

I think they changed something today. With a new API key, the rate limit was exceeded after a few minutes also.

Could also be a simple server side problem.
Or a DDOS attack that Viessmann is somehow trying to dampen using the access limit mechanism.

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Until February, I had the interval set to 120 seconds. The extra calls probably have to do with the “new” default interval.

And yes, also with me a new API token has unfortunately only remedied the situation in the short term. Now the error appears again. There is no message at the Viessmann Community yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow the spit is over.

after I have update ha, I tried to add the official integration, but when it open the integration pop-up immediately i have this error

I use ha supervised on proxmox machine

i have the same issue, do you resolved it?

Just after midnight, the rate limit log-message went away… things seem ok, for now.

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Same here. Let’s see if it lasts for a full 24 hours.

Same here. Let’s see around 2PM :slight_smile:

Do we still have a way of reducing the polling interval of the integration ?
I seem to remember this option was removed soon after the integration became UI-configurable, no ?

Unfortunately not. I was asked by the Core devs to remove that option.

If you need custom scheduling you can however turn off automatic updates and update the integration via an automation.

However for me it seems that the rate limit is no more exceeded. Let’s hope it stays that way.


I was only asking in case Viessmann had lowered the limit without telling us.
Things are stable now, just like before - guess they had some glitch.

When you mention “turn off automatic updates” … how ?

sorry for getting back to you so late @Tommmii
On the integrations page, if you press the 3 dots you can select “System options” and turn off automatic updates. You would then have to trigger the update via an automation.

Anyway: The discussion about the right rate limit is ongoing: ViCare API rate limit exceeded with default scan_interval · Issue #67052 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I think I will follow the suggestions to set it to 120s unless anyone has better ideas.


edit: @nils2410 posted a working json on github for schedule

Has anyone a working script/automation for changing the DHWCirculationPumpSchedule within PyVicare/Homeassistant?

I opened an issue because it’s not really well documented but still no response.

I only get 9 entities. I hoped to get the gas consumption entities. Deleted & reconfigured the integration but same result. I have the new Viessman 100W and the ViCare app shows the data.

Can you navigate to the Viessmann Device and show us which name is written at “Device Info” on the left.


I have the same model (vicareE3_Vitodens_100_BHC_0421) and also only 9 entities


Please try Oishinger’s version of vicare. I added there all entities for Vitodens 100W. I think it will work.