Viessmann ViCare - Add System Pressure as an entity

Please could we get System Pressure added as an entity. This would be useful to alert when a boiler drops below the 1 bar or pressure that is required before the boiler shuts down
It shows in the VIcare app so I guess its available in the API

This would be a welcome addition if possible please


Looks like basic (free) API does not share feature called, so until somebody will crack other API that is used by mobile app, it does not seems to be possible to add. Or maybe, someday, Viessmann will share this field in their free API.

I’m interested too. Apparently, System pressure is something to be very closely monitored and alerted for, especially, because it does not change much (maybe just fluctuates a little bit based on the temperature of the system), but it must not drop below 1.0bar - see the warning message in the screenshot below:

The system pressure should not be under 1.0 bar

Also, as @aso824 mentioned - it should be free to introduce, like all other attributes. @Hafenstrand (CFenner (Christopher Fenner) · GitHub), I see you were contributing to the integration… Could you please help with updating this integration? At least some guidance/direction towards it? Thanks in advance.