View display trigger

Is there a homeassistant platform trigger for determining when a view is displayed?


   platform: homeassistant
   event: view_loaded
   entity_id: group.upstairs

I am building a remote control for my reverse cycle air conditioner in HA and have a number of input selects to control it.

I also would like these select boxes to display the currently set values in the AC, which I can get via a script.

I dont want to run the update script on a timed schedule (eg every x seconds or minutes) as this could interfere with someone setting new values. So only updating when the view containing the AC control card is displayed would be the best way.

The reason the inputs could get out of sync is if someone used the physical remote control or the AC web interface.

My other options would be to display the set values separate from the input selects or having a “get status” script on the card or hiding the remote control. All are less ideal than the view update trigger.