Viewsonic Projector & Energy Monitoring

Hello. So I seem to have stumbled on something truly odd that I’ve not seen before.

I have a Viewsonic px701-4k projector in my Basement Theater. The projector is “dumb”, and has no smart functionality whatsoever. I had a spare Thirdreality Zigbee Smart Plug with energy monitoring, and I noticed that the current/amperage readings never change when the device is idle vs. on.

I know for a fact that the projector is definitely drawing power as I have the Emporia Energy Monitoring confirming a spike for the circuit it’s on. The projector is actually drawing close to 300 watts when operating.

Figuring it might be a Zigbee or Thirdreality smart plug issue, I bought a Kasa TP-Link EP25. Same issue! So I returned that, and got a Kasa TP-Link EP115 (I have several of them already, so they’re trustworthy in that sense). Same issue!

With all three smart plugs on hand, I plugged in various devices: an electric fan, a foot massager, a simple lamp. They all worked as expected.

So, I am truly stumped on why 3 different smart plugs can’t seem to measure the current / energy / amp on a protector.

Ultimately, all I really wanted to do was create an automation where if Projector is drawing current, turn off all my basement lights, and only turn on mood lighting (hue bulbs). I can work around it as my Home Theater has other smart devices. I just can’t believe how much time I spent down this rabbit hole :joy:.

Anybody else run into this and find a solution?