Vimar View Wireless in bluetooth with Gateway integration

Hello everybody, i’m new to HA.
I put into Home Assistant all my accessories (netatmo smart valve, ewelink sonoff, tuya) but i have problem with one that is not supported.
All my home is domotic with Vimar View Wireless system. I use the Vimar View Gateway to integrate all lights and roller shutters with Vimar App and Alexa and Homekit (Siri).
I’d like to add lights and roller shutters also in home assistant without exclude the vimar gateway (that is very usefull for some settings and is very more stable than zigbee setting).
I looked for an HACS integration or standard integration but i didn’t find anything.
There is any way to integrate this system into HomeAssistant without unlink HomeKit pairing with my HomePod?
I need that becouse i’d like to put a tablet inside the wall to use it as domotic center, so i need to integrate all components of my domotic house.
Thanks for any help…