Virtual Device made from other Devices

Let me start by saying there is probably a way to do this, I just haven’t found it yet.

So I have a DUMB dehumidifier that I’d like to control and use in Home Assistant.

It’s on a Z-Wave Switch and I have a humidity sensor nearby. It would be great if I could combine 2 or 3 devices to create one functional device. I’d like to combine a helper “Humidity Set Point”, the Switch “On/Off”, and the humidity sensor “Current Humidity” to combine them into a single Humidifier entity. Then I could just create an automation for off/on based on Current Humidity vs Humidity Set Point.

I hope this makes sense. I spent a lot of time finding an extremely quiet dehumidifier, got it plumbed in correctly, have everything in place, but still have to use it like a dumb device for off/on. It would be cool if I could use it like a humidifier in HA