VirtualBox USB Passthrough seems to be failing at the host level

Hello everyone,

I’ve successfully migrated from a Pi to a VM. VirtualBox 6.0 on Windows 7. But the last remaining issue is my ZWave stick by ZooZ. I’ve read of people having success with the Aeotec stick, some in the past had to bridge the serial com port to the usb VM port (or something like this, I didn’t understand). But that was in the days of an older VMDK that didn’t support USB passthrough.

So I have created a USB filter for my ZooZ stick which is default named “Sigma” by VBox. I run the VM and successfully boot Hassio. Try to right click on the USB icon at the bottom of the window and attach the Sigma USB. VBox throws an error that it failed to attach.

In the midst of all this, the ZooZ stick is considered an “unknown device” in Windows Device Manager. Not until I start VBox passthrough does it show up as a VirtualBox USB device in the USB category of Device Manager. So with this, I can’t tell if VBox is failing at attaching the USB because of something it’s doing wrong, or is VirtualBox failing to attach the USB because Windows cannot identify the ZooZ stick to begin with.

Hardware Info in HassOS just lists ttyS0-3, no ACM0s or others. Not surprising since VBox says that it cannot attach the USB to begin with.

Anyone running on VirtualBox? Probably not a lot of VirtualBox and ZooZ users out there. Thanks