Vision ZM1701 Electronic Deadbolt battery life

I am relatively new to home assistant and z-wave. I have a system with rPI and z-stick gen 5 with a few z-wave devices. Most devices seem to work as expected however the Vision lock batteries seem to die after only a few days/weeks (been though 4 sets so far). I can see the battery life as an attribute but is seems to go straight from 100% to a dead device when the batteries a flat. I also have also had some issues with the device going dead when I am pretty sure the batteries are still OK. I have checked that I am no polling the lock (as I found that as one possible cause of short battery life in the forums).

When I look in ozwcp.log I can see an aeon multisensor is updating battery level hourly but the vision lock only seems to have updated battery once after starting home assistant:

2017-07-01 15:20:42.103 Info, Node009, Received Battery report from node 9: level=100

Any ideas what I should do next to troubleshoot short battery life in a z-wave device?

I’m having exactly the same issue. The zm1701 lock dies after only a few days/weeks. I don’t have this issue with Vera, so I know it’s not a lock issue. I also have a similar problem with some Fibaro leak detectors. Battery life is severely reduced compared to when it was bound to Vera.

I’ve left everything as defaults in Hass, so polling shouldn’t be an issue…

Any ideas?!