Visual Editor list of from or to states not supported?

How do I enter a list of ‘from’ or ‘to’ states for a trigger using the visual editor?

In YAML I might have

  - media_player.bathroom_speaker
  - media_player.master_bedroom_speaker
  minutes: 1
platform: state
  - Offline
  - unavailable

If I put the above in the visual editor I get:
Visual editor is not supported for this configuration

  • The provided value for ‘to’ is not supported by the visual editor. We support (string) but received ([“Unavailable”,“off”]).

SImilarly for a list of ‘from’ values.
Is it possible to provide a list of ‘from’ states or ‘to’ states in the visual editor? If so how?
If not, why not?

I don’t use it but I’m pretty sure lists are not supported in the automation editor. You have to add separate triggers.

That’s what I suspected but wanted to check I wasn’t missing something