Vizio media player missing in Hassio

After updating I lost control of my Vizio TV. It’s not showing up under states in the developer tool.
I tried deleting and start configuration from scratch and it still does not show up. I have never had an issue with this for over a year since I had this TV. So it has got to be the update.

Same problem here. I’m assuming you used the guide on the wiki and configured your settings in the configration.yaml file (or something similar).

They changed it and it’s now configured in the GUI, like most of the other integrations. Remove your “vizio:” config and re-add it through the Configuration -> Integrations -> + screen on lovelace.

Because it’s so much easier to click a bunch of screens and then have configuration written to a magical JSON structure in a directory that is hidden. (/s) This was such a cool product when it originally came out. Now the developers have lost their GD minds.

I tried as you mentioned but it did not work. I got this error message: ‘Unknown error occurred’. I deleted the config and restarted but it still gives the error. I also did the pairing process again and still get the error.