VNC connection to Deconz stopped working

Please excuse my ignorance as i’m fairly new to home assistant and home automation in general.
The fact that i spent two hours yesterday trying to connect to deconz through VNC viewer should attest to this.

The documentation gave an example URL that looks like “vnc://homeassistant.local:5900” and eventually “hassio.local:5900” was the URL I got working. I got access to the mesh network of Zigbee devices, looked around a bit and then went to bed.

Today, when I try to connect to the same URL in VNC, the connection times out. I have changed nothing from when I got it to work yesterday. This is really starting to frustrate me. What am I doing wrong?!

Timed out waiting for a response from the computer - This is the error i get from VNC

I have tried restarting the Rasberry Pi, Home assistant, and the PC im trying to connect from. But now i’m kind of lost as what to try next…

I am now able to connect to Deconz through VNC viewer, if I remove the last connection to Deconz in VNC viewer first. This might make total sense to people more knowledgeable, but for me it’s still a mystery.