Vocal assistant, LOCAL, customizable and french friendly?


I search something to control HA with voice, wich be local (so not on any cloud or GAFA based…) and also that can be understand french…

I read about a lot of thing… snips (wich be not available anymore), kalliope (not integrable), jarvis/sarah (same) and in the integration menu I see other thing in voice cathegory, but I don’t know how there are…

I also see something about MQTT with Kaliope, but… where is install kalliope? if I install the full OS of HA, I can’t install Kalliope in the same raspberry right?

Somebody can give me good advices to search correctly? (on youtube there is a lot of video… but a very few for french and also not very recent!)


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Have a look at Rhasspy:


It seems to fit your requirements. And it implements the Hermes protocol from Snips, so it can be integrated with Home Assistant.

Thanks for your answer!

I check this project and I have one question : where can I install Rhasspy? If I install the full hassio os I can’t install Rhasspy on it right? I see a lot of different installation but no one for this case…
They speak about HA but I’m a little lost in all of these…

Could you help me please?

Well, I would install both Home Assistant and Rhasspy in their own Docker container then. But they don’t have to run on the same machine: they can talk to each other with the Hermes/MQTT or the REST API over the network.

So… i need two raspberry?

I see a lot of bad thing about installing HA on docker, like the impossible addons installing or just the fact that it’s not supported officially by HA…

Does rhasspy have an addon?

HA on docker is fully supported.

:If there is no addon í would personally do supervised with rhasspy as a separate docker. It will be officially unsupported but will work

I think there’s an addon too, I just never used it.

An addons? For Rhasspy? So don’t need to buy two raspberry? :stuck_out_tongue:

As I already said.