Voice Assist Shortcut action missing

I am running the latest iOS version of of the Companion App on iOS 16.3 with a Home Assistant core version of 2023.2.0. The voice assistant now available in that version works great in the browser and within the companion app. When I go to use the the shortcuts provided at Assist on Apple devices - Home Assistant, the provided shortcut errors out saying “Unknown Action”

I have looked at what actions Home Assistant has registered for Shortcuts to use and it looks like the the voice actions appear to have been omitted and not registered. Is it possible that the current version of the official Companion App has not yet exposed these actions to Shortcuts within iOS? If so, who would I report that to?

Posting an update. Had to go to the App Store and refresh several times and it did not show anything new. Tried again just now to finally see there was an update available. Odd thing is that it does not show as updated in my history. Wonder if Apple was slow in releasing the updated app.

an update of the companion app or shortcuts?

EDIT: in my case I had to select server ( I only have one instance of HA) ad language. After that it started working.