Voice notifications via Google Home


Recently I have experienced problems with voice notifications via Google Home. It has worked for a long time but since a while ago (perhaps a month) it stopped working.

When troubleshooting I found this:

" Your Home Assistant instance should not have the HTTP integration configured to use an SSL certificate (docs). This is necessary because the Google device will connect directly to the IP of your Home Assistant installation and will fail if it encounters an invalid SSL certificate."

I have HA (the HTTP integration) configured with a SSL certificate. It is not self signed. It is generated via Let’s Encrypt. So it is not invalid.
Will it still not work to play sounds locally via Google Home?
Like this:
"https://<local HA FQDN>:8123/local/beep.mp3"

As I said. This has been working before. Have Google changed something recently?


For others having the same problem…
I finally solved it! :slight_smile:

The Google home need to be able to resolve the local hostname of HA. Apparently the Google home use Google’s own DNS and not my local one and could therefore not resolve the local hostname.
To resolve this I added a local port forward in my firewall that redirect all DNS lookups to my local DNS. I had it before but it was disabled for some reason. That is probably why it stopped working when it had been working for a long time before.