Volvo On Call device_tracker not updating

Sometime during the last few weeks, the VOC device tracker stopped working in my installation.
I’ve turned on debugging for VOC, and I can see that HASS is receiving position data from VOC. However, the device tracker entity is not updated.

Can anyone point me in a direction where to look?

I have the same issue. I think it was after release 0.56. Maybe @molobrakos can take a look?

Yes, the functionality broke because of changes in core (see for details) It should work in the next version again!

Thanks @molobrakos! I can confirm that manually adding those missing lines of code got the device tracker working again.

I am still using 0.54 and with this version the VOC device_tracker stopped working too.
Although the map shows that the car is not home, the state (home) isn’t changed.