Volvo on call properties not updated in Lovelace

I have successfully added the VOC integration and I show things like fuel level, doors opened/locked etc.
I also track it on a map.

But most of the times when I get home, Home Assistant (Lovelace) says the doors are unlocked.
Seems it stops sending information when you turn off the car.
So when I lock the doors, it will not send that information.

If I open the VOC app on my Android phone it also says the doors are unlocked but it starts to update (a blue progressbar for a while) and then it says they are locked.
A couple of seconds after that, it also updates the HA GUI and shows up as locked in Home Assistant as well.

So, it seems the app is making a status request to the car when the app is started.
Is there someway you can force an update like this from Home Assistant as well?


Ingen som har någon input om detta?
Jag har fortfarande ett år senare samma problem…

I have a Volvo XC60 2012 and I have the same experience.

Anyone got a solution yet?

Same here on an XC60 2016