W800RF32 Integration Does Not Detect X10 Security Devices

The W800RF32 integration works for normal X10 wireless devices that send house codes, but it does not work with X10 Security devices.

The W800RF32 receiver itself decodes messages from DS10A and other X10 security devices, but the message format is slightly different.

Messages for X10 devices look like this:
{:device_type=>“X10”, :house_code=>“A”, :unit=>1, , :state=>“ON”}

For DS10 door/window sensors, the message looks like this:
{:device_type=>“DS10A”, :state=>“OPEN”, :address=>“f8”, :min_delay=>true, :low_bat=>false}
Where state can equal ‘OPEN’ or ‘CLOSED’.

For KR10A security remotes, the message format is:
{:device_type=>“DS10A”, :address=>“5c”, :mode=>“ARM” }
Where mode can equal ‘ARM’, ‘DISARM’, ‘PANIC’, ‘LIGHTS_ON’ or ‘LIGHTS_OFF’.

I’m curious if anyone has adapted the W800RF32 integration to make it work with these additional devices.

Edit: Corrected X10 message format.