Wake on Lan Wireless

I’ve successfully set up my Wake On Lan “switch” for a Windows 10 computer physically connected to the network.

I made a duplicate entry for another windows 10 computer I have that is connected to the network wirelessly and used the following settings.

- platform: wake_on_lan
  name: "Kid's Computer"
  host: "HomeSchool1"
  mac: F8:63:3F:2F:F9:EF

But I can’t get it to actually power on. I’ve enabled WOL in the bios and in windows I’ve gone into the adapter settings and enabled it to power the computer, but only when a magic packet is sent. Any ideas as to what I could be missing that is preventing it from working?

Are you trying to wake it from a sleep / hibernation state as apposed to a switched off state?

Try This:
Check in RegEdt32, whether this have the following key, if not then add it

  • Open RegEdt32 go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NativeWifiP\Parameters.

Add new Key:

  • name: EnableWoWLAN
  • type: DWORD
  • value: 1

Then reboot

PS: WoWLAN is for wifi

No, trying to wake it from a completely off state. I even went into power options and disabled fast boot

Added that and still not working, I’m starting to think that the computer I’m using while having integrated wifi does not allow for WoWLAN

Well correct me if I am wrong here but no setting to make within the operating system is going to make any difference here as if you are completely powering off the machine then the operating system will not be playing any part here.

The only options would be bios based and on my experience most laptops will not have the ability to leave the wifi interface powered to enable WOL.

However using hibernate will effectively allow this with minimal battery drain, but you have to remember keeping wifi adapter powered in order to receive a packet is not optimal.

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Ok, as rossk mention, obviously then OS settings is not the first thing to look into, if the computer is complete “off”, so only BIOS + Interface capabilities , some PC’s is capable to start “on Power” , meaning when it gets “electricity” it will start the OS , if “Boot on Power” is enabled