Waking Android Tablet From Sleep Frustration

I’m using a generic Android Tablet for a WallPanel. And, I don’t have a lot of experience with Android devices.

I installed a recessed wall outlet behind the panel, so it’s always plugged it.

I’m using the Home Assistant Companion App.

My problem is: When the Android tablet sleeps; it wakes to the “desktop”; not Home Assistant, even though Home Assistant is the only running app. I can’t seem to find the right setting to tell it not to do that.

I’ve tried changing the Home Assistant Companion App to disallow lock or sleep while the panel is displayed; works great. I installed “Wallpanel” as a screensaver and set it to blank the screen after 2 hours; works great - but, the Android’s backlight stays on (not great). So, I have a black “glowing” square at night - don’t want to burn through the useful life of the screen backlight.

Anyone know how to force the Android to go to the open app instead of the desktop upon wake?

And, yes, that is the default behavior of an ios device; but iPads are pricey.

does the job perfectly. You are the master of the tablet with it, no one else :wink:

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Thanks BebeMischa; that’s great! Motion detection - that’s a huge plus, I’ll give it a try!

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