Wall Buttons/Switches & Centralized Lighting

I am designing a new home that my wife and I will be building. I would like to reduce the number of switches throughout the house. In a previous home we had a Vantage Controls centralized lighting system and the keypads in the rooms were all connected via low voltage to their controller. The keypads were all single gangs had between 1 and 8 buttons and could be programmed to perform any function. We really liked the way that system looked and worked but are not interested in the proprietary approach or the associated cost.

I would like to replicate that functionality in this new home with the main goal to eliminate multi-gang wall switches. I am assuming I will have to go with a centralized lighting approach to achieve this. However, I have looked at some of the new keypad options that Shelly is offering and that may be a solution but it is very new.

Any ideas or recommendations of products to look at would be much appreciated.


Did you ever find an acceptable solution?

Unfortunately no.