Wallpanel Integration

This is a fully Kiosk alternative but with a direct camera stream, so you can add it to motioneye. (Freeware, Motion detect, face detect etc)

A Integration for that whould be nice.

It has mqtt with discovery, so not sure what else you would want.

I think the mqtt discovery was only for Batterie state, brightness etc.
Commands you need to publish via Services. Z.b. Camera activ

Add the camera to HA then. Generic Camera - Home Assistant

This was one example from many Commands. Check command list Website. ( I think you dont know the Tool)
A Integration would be the best.

I do know it.

I think anything that is documented here MQTT and HTTP commands | WallPanel can be so easily incorporated into home assistant that it hardly seems worth it.

I dont know how to create that for mqtt with Buttons and switched etc…
I have tried but without sucess. For normalos IT IS Not so easy :see_no_evil:

The wallpanel docs are full of examples.

I know and did not work as i tested

It did for me. I literally set it up to respond to this thread.

Can you share please your example/test?

There is not much to share. I assume you have a mqtt broker installed and the mqtt integration set up in ha.

  1. Install wallpanel

  2. Set up mqtt on the wallpanel, you probably need the address, username and password.

That’s it. You get these things in HA.

If you want other things integrated, be specific.

This yes, but i said the commands not the sensors. :slight_smile:

Be specific. What command, just as an example.

Camera activ for example
I wanna activate the camera only when No one is at Home and the door sensor triggered

Does the camera.turn_off and camera.turn_on services not work?

I need to disable it directly in wallpanel because the Batterie usage ist so high.

The Service ist only for the homeassistent camera internal, when im right