Want HA to read from my mqtt node

I have a mqtt node that receives messages from different types of sensors and now I would like to have my HomeAssistant to take care of those messages.
The readings are also stored in an influxDB database.
It would be nice to let HA print diagrams of the collected data too.
So, whats the recommendation of how I should do?

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Check this

If you want the data to be sent into Home Assistant directly as entities, you need to use MQTT Discovery to create entities that HA can understand. I do that here on a raspi using python, but could be adapted to most platforms as needed.
GitHub - SirGoodenough/ThermoPI-Furnace: A variation of my PI controlled Temp / status monitors. This has a 2-wire sensor, Thermocouples, and adafruit temp/humid sensors. Send data to a Home Assistant Instance via MQTT Discovery..
You can also go the sensor route as bkbartk stated previously and convert the data already there to something Ha can process.

The data in influx is not likely to be useful in HA. Generally people export their HA data to influx not the other way around.

If you’re only wanting the data displayed, then sensors set up through MQTT Discovery seems the way to go for ease of implementation. If you also want to control the devices, I don’t have an answer yet.

I’m doing the same thing, and using sensors; however, I have yet to figure out how to control the devices using MQTT. ,