WARNING: The Samba add-on removed my folder without asking

So I upgraded my hassio Samba add-on to version 9 and the new veto_files option deleted my folder of icons.

The config defaults to:

  "veto_files": [

Surely this is not right? Surely there should have been some kind of warning that this would happen.

Luckily I have two weeks of backups but it was only by chance that I noticed today that my ‘icons’ folder had gone but had I not noticed within that time I would not have been very happy.

Why is this folder vetoed anyway???

EDIT: Ok, it doesn’t delete the folder it just hides it! I removed "icon?" from the veto_files list and it reappeared.

Still, not very intuitive or kind behaviour!

In 16 years of playing with Samba, I have never known it to change anything in the file system.
Though I have known people to accidentally delete both files and folders
Sorry, can’t help

Edit: in line with your edit, yes that’s what I’d expect a veto to do

Yes, clearly I misunderstood what ‘vetoed’ meant in this case. But I still think the add-on upgrade has been implemented in a very clumsy fashion.

Looks like the default is to hide some Windows and Mac system files.

As a Windows user (it’s the cross I carry) I can’t blame Samba for hiding Windows system files.
I wish I could get it (Windows) to stop creating the bloody things !
I must make good on my promise to myself to migrate to a Linux distro.