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Waterproofing Xiaomi sensors


Anyone have any good tips on doing this? Don’t really want to end up with a really bulky end result so am minded to just wrap in a clear plastic money bag? Or failing that just swathe in electrical tape? I’ve seen reports of people who have just stuck them outside unprotected and they’ve been fine.
My only concern is that I might lock in condensation !


What kind of sensor? If it measures temperature and humidity, making it 100% waterproof will prevent the humidity sensor from sampling the ambient air.

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I have one temperature sensor outside home. It’s on a corner of the window which (hopefully) doesnt get rain. So far so good…

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It’s the door/window sensor. Wanting to stick it on a gate (pretty exposed) and not have it pack up within a fortnight’s time! :slight_smile:


The small part is only a magnet - I doubt the rain/sun/heat would harm it within a couple of years. Though, the colour of the plastic will probably change

The larger part you can simply put into a tupper box (or something similar), shrink wrap it, or build a tiny case out of acrylic glass. those are the solutions that pop into my mind for now :thinking:

It kind of depends on the area you want to put it. In the end, just make sure the rain can’t hit it - I think they are rated -20°C to 50°C and up to 95% humidity - so they should handle everything except for actually getting wet.

EDIT: also, expect the battery to perform a lot worse if it’s cold outside - this might even affect the range.


I have exactly this set up and have no protection on the sensor at all. The first one failed after about a year or so but may have been non-weather related and the second has been going strong with no issues for about 6 months. YMMV :slight_smile:


I also have a aqara door sensor outdoor (with no protection, no issues so far, it’s out there since some months)

You could dip them in plastidip. But when you have to change the battery you will have to pull off the coating and do it again.


I’m minded just to pop the sensor into a clear mini plastic bag with the seam end upside down and given that @greybags and @h4nc seem to be doing well even without this, surely things sound promising! Thank you!