Way to Reorder Groups?

Is there any way to reorder the items in each view? I tried rearranging the groups in the yaml file but no dice. Any help is appreciated.

Configuration panel

Yep, you read that right. We have a configuration panel. It’s just the first of many small steps. Putting in a foundation is important and gives us something to iterate on.

To start, we have three simple configuration panels:

Core: allows you to validate config, reload core/group/automation config and restart/stop Home Assistant
Group: allows you to rename groups, change type between group/view and reorder entities.
Z-Wave: allows you to set device specific configuration settings

Fantastic. All i had to do was update. Thank you, i’ll mess with it a bit to see how it turns out!

Save a copy of your groups file BEFORE you try this!!!

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Sort of worried to upgrade myself… heard some stuff.

But id definitely backup my config files when I eventually upgrade from 38.4

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I would do a full image backup, then a quick copy of all your yaml if you’re considering .39.x.

Personally, I am waiting it out - for my first time since starting - for the next release.

I reorder groups by customize:

  order: 4
  order: 5
  order: 6
  order: 7
  order: 8
  order: 9
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What! why is that not in the documentation, didn’t know about that.

It sort of works. I do the same thing on one of my views. But it works in one view and not another.

I only found out about it from reading a post here myself.

For me it works for all views. Order numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 is for first view, 9, 10 for next view.